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June: Sound designer of the Baku 2015 European Games opening ceremony. Director: Dimitris Papaioannou.


September: new series of videos for The Man from Managra by director Babis Makridis.

Long time collaborator director Babis Makridis has made a series of inspirational videos for The Man from Managra.
They consist of five “stories” and equally numbered “postcards” and will be posted one by one every few days…
The videos were all shot on Tinos island, where also the album was conceived and recorded.
Pavlos Makridis plays the Man from Managra.
thank you sou much Babis for the great images!


January 25th release date of 'The man from Managra' Coti's songs project on Onefingermusic records.

you can buy the vinyl or the digital album here.



October Coti's new CD 'Solesulsuolo' released on Antifrost.

June 1st Mohammad live at The Sage Gateshed [w Mika Vainio & Basic House], Newcastle, UK.

May 31st Mohammad live at LSO St Luke’s [opening for RAIME], London, UK.

May 30th Mohammad live at Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, Belgium.

May 29th Mohammad live at Rumor 73 , Utrecht, Netherlands.

April 28th Mohammad live at the Borderline Festival, Athens, Greece.

February 26th Mohammad live at the Deteriorate Festival, Six D.O.G.S., Athens, Greece.

February 2nd Mohammad live at Den Grå Hal, Kopenhagen, Denmark.

February 1st Mohammad live at Cafe OTO, London, UK.


November 15th: Mohammad new album'Som Sakrifis' presentation concert at six d.o.g.s , Athens.

September: 'The time being' a film by Nenad Cincin-Sain, premieres at the Toronto film festival. Opening scene music by Coti.

July: Fynbos, a film by director Harry Patramanis premeiered at the Durban international film festival. Music by Coti.

July: constructions section updated with photos.

June: new section in site: constructions.

May 13th Mohammad live at Eglise Saint Merri, Paris, France.

May 12th Mohammad live at Festival Sonore, Brest, France.

February 17th: Mohammad live at Cable, Nantes, France.

January 31st: european premiere of Babis Makridi's 'L' at the Rotterdam film festival.

January 23rd: 'L' a film by Babis Makridis premieres at the Sundance Film Festival, music by Coti.

January 7th: premiere of The silent step of the Bear at the Onassis Cultural Centre, sound design by Coti.


December 21+22nd: Lykoi live live at Hungry Christmas, Thessaloniki, Greece.

December 20th: Mohammad live at Hungry Christmas, Thessaloniki, Greece.

November 18th: Mohammad live at Knot arts, Athens, Greece.

November 17th: Mohammad live at Galerie KUB, Leipzig, Germany.

November 16th: Mohammad live at MS Stubnitz, Rostock, Germany.

November 15th: Mohammad live at Mayhem, Copenhagen, Denmark.

November 13th: Mohammad live at Stadtgarten/Studio 672, Cologne, Germany.

November 12th: Mohammad live at Oberdeck, Hannover, Germany.

November 11th Mohammad live at NK, Berlin, Germany.

October: Cocoons' release 'Earling' is out ot Static Caravan in playbutton format.

September 25th: Mohammad live at the Folk Museum, Xanthi, Greece.

September 24th: Mohammad live at the Performance Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece.

August: Cocoons' blog is up. (a music project with Hannah Peel, Justing Wiggan, Laurence Hunt and Coti). Their release "Earling" will be out soon on Static Caravan records.

July 22nd till August 22nd: taking part in a group ehibition titled "Nine Ysternians visual artists" with a small sample of 'Suono' installation at Ysternia village, Tinos Island.

July 30th: Lykoi live in Lefkada Island.

May 18th: Mohammad play 2 live performances (9.15pm and 11pm) at Beton7 Athens, to coincide with the release of their new triple LP vinyl box set 'Spiriti' on Antifrost.

May 9th: Lykoi live at Fuzz club, Athens.

May 6th: Lykoi live at Akti Dimaion, Patra.

May 4th: Lykoi live at Olympion theatre,Thessaloniki.

February: Mohammad finished the last set of recording sessions on Tinos island. Their new release will be a triple vinyl LP to be released in May.



December 15th: Mohammad live at Cave 12, Geneve, Switzerland.

December 14th: Mohammad live at Cinema Oblo, Lausanne, Switzerland.

December 13th: Mohammad live at Le Chat Noir, Paris, France.

December 12th: Mohammad live at Espace mendes, Planetarium Poitiers, Poitiers, France.

December 11th: Mohammad live at Total Meeting Festival, Tours, France.

December 10th: Mohammad live at La Bascule, Rennes. France.

December 7th: Mohammad live at About gallery, Athens, Greece.

November 10th: Mohammad live at EKON festival, Riverside studios, London, U.K.

October 29th: ILIOS and Coti live at Knot Arts, Athens. Click Here for the poster.

September 17th: Lykoi live at Elefsina, Greece.

September 16th: Lykoi live at Ilioupoli, Athens, Greece.

September 14th + 15th: Dancepiece No2, with Matthias Fritsch, Agni Papadeli, Natryx. at About: Athens, Greece.

July 26th: Lykoi live at Ancient Kassopi, Preveza, Greece.

July 2nd: Mohammad live at Muestra de Arte Sonoro, Santander, Spain.

May 30th: updated the audio page of this site, listen to new CD 'Onda'

May 18th: Mohammad live together with Anastasis Grivas at Sfendoni Theatre, Athens.

February 25: opening date for 'Suono', a new installation by Coti at the Cheap Art gallery, running till March 29th.

February 5th: Mohammad live at Protos Orofos at 22:30, Thessaloniki.

February 4th: Mohammad live at Knot Arts at 20:30, Athens.

Late January: a new record by Coti titled 'Onda' is released by Triple Bath.

January: rehearsing with new project Mohammad (Nikos Veliotis - cello, Ilios - oscillators, Coti - contrabass)


December: Etten's CD 'I know you are behind me but I'm not scared' is released by Undo/EMI. Produced by Coti and Mikael Delta.

October-November: adding the finishing touches to a new record release, based entirely on the electric contrabass, sceduled for January 2010.

September till Oct: writing sound and music for Dimitri Papaioannou's dance theatre play 'Nowhere' premiering and inaugurating the renovated Ahens National Theatre main stage on Oct the 14th.

July 14+15: playing live with Nikos Veliotis and 'Free piece of tape' at Angelos Frantzis' cinematic installation 'In the woods' at the Athens Festival.

July 1st: playing with Lee Patterson and Nikos Veliotis at the Athens Festival.

June 13th - September: participating at the Athens Biennale with a new work 'Auriculars'.

June11th - October 4th: 'Pollen' a new installation by Coti and Dimitris Charitos is shown at the 'Expanded Ecologies' exhibition at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens.

June: sound design for Socratis Socratous' exhibition 'Roumors' at the Venice Biennale.

May 19th till June 30th: new audio installation 'Omega' at The Art Foundation gallery exhibition 'XII Athenian stories'.

April-May: working with Nikos Veliotis on the soundtrack for Aggelos Frantzis' new movie 'In the woods'.

March: Started rehearsals/workshops for Dimitri Papaioannou's new dance theatre piece for the opening of the Greek National Theatre to be premiered in October.

February: Contributed to Ryuichi Sakamoto’s online project "Chain Music’.


Fall 2008 / Winter 2009: producing Etten and the Berlin Brides forthcoming records.

Oct 1st till Christmas (if not later): 'Medea 2' is played at the Pallas theatre.

August 1st+2nd: 'Medea 2'(sound design by Coti) will be played in China at the 'Meet in Beijing' festival.

April: 'Dunung', Coti's 5th album is out on Antifrost , buy it here!

Feb to May: working on sound composition and design for dance theatre 'Medea 2' directed by Dimitris Papaioannou to be played in June at the Athens Festival, in August in Peking and from October till next year at the Pallas theatre, Athens.

Jan 24th: premiere of theatre play 'Natura Morta in un fosso' directed by Giorgos Lanthimos, original music by Coti at Amore Theatre.

Jan: New album material is almost finished (after too many revisions), to be released on Antifrost soon.


October 7th: Jopo Stereo (Paris) , Dinahbird (Paris-London) and Coti live at the Small Music Theatre.

July-August: working on new album material to be released within the next few months.

August 3-5th: 'Sweet Sixteen' audiowalk in Paris in the 16th district. Coti participates with the sound composition 'Duet/Trio for metal fences'.

July 21st: Textu rizer live at Festival des NPAI, Parthenay, France.

July 14th-16th: Coti will record sounds in the Goutte d'Or and in the 16th district, to participate in the audiowalk project "Sweet Sixteen/Super 16" at the Sound Drop 2007.

July 13th: Coti live at the Palais de Tokyo.

May 18th to 25th: audiovisual installation ''Colonne Sonore' at the Videodance festival, Athens.

May 13th: Textu rizer live concert with 5.1 sound at Trianon theatre.

April 27th: new audiovisual installation 'Colonne Sonore' at the Kuenstlerhaus, Vienna.

April 24th: audio exerpts from the Statistical Harp will be aired on Further Noise with Roger Mills (10-11pm UK time)

April 16th till April 29th: "Statistical harp" installation shown at the E:VENT gallery, London.

the March 18th Textu rizer concert at Trianon theatre is postponed!! (probably to May, will post it when definite).

Feb-March: working on 'Colonne Sonore' audiovisual installation to be shown in at the Vienna Kuenstlerhaus on the 27th of April.

Jan: working on music for theatre play "the orphan of Chao" premiering Feb 1st at Amore theatre


December 16th : Texturizer live at the LMC festival at the ICA in London.

December 7th : Texturizer live at the 2-13 festival at the Small music theatre in Athens.

Nov 15th-30th: mixing Tuxedomoon's new album in Athens.

Oct 25th: Coti live at Project 101 in Paris.

Sept 30th: Texturizer play live at the Reworks festival in Thessaloniki.

Sept 9th: "Statistical harp and other machines" opening at the State Museun of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki. Willl run till mid November.

Sept 4th: premiere of new installation "Achrono 01" at the 'Time Based Arts' exibition in Ag. Paraskevi will run for 1 month.

July 8th: live at the Synch Festival in the 8 channel sound installation room.

Texturizer have recorded their new material for their second release entitled "7" probably to be released next fall on Antifrost.

May 18th to 24th: Persa Stamatopoulou dance co. "Happy Land" at Thisseio theatre. music by Coti.

May 10th: opening of new audio installation with D.Charitos "Statistical harp and other machines" at the Cheap Art gallery, runnung till the 4th of June.

Jan 29th live at Electrograph festival with Texturizer (project with Nikos Veliotis) and Harmonium Sisso Orchestra (project with Ilios and Xabier Erkizia).

Jan 25th to Feb 5th: Ad Lib dance company play 'Iperoha Domatia" at LifestyleDeath with sound design by Coti.

Jan: finished working on new Tuxedomoon project both in Athens and Brussels named 'Bardo Hotel' soon to be released in the 'Made to Measure' series of Crammed records .


There is a greek song (I am told) that says you know nothing about life if you have not built a house or married your daughter (to someone else, that is). Well I do not have a daughter, but I am building a house, and it sure takes over your life...

Sept-Nov: working on music for theatre play "Boy with a suitcase" avant-premiering at Porta Theatre in the 19th of Nov.

July 1-2-3: Tone Home v.03, an audiovisual installation with Voltnoi, Evgeniou and Charitos at the Synch Festival.

June 20 to 28th - in Brussels mixing together with Vincent Kenis and Marc Hollander the new Congotronics vol 2 release by C rammed records


Nominee at the Qwartz electronic music awards for Lido/Lato CD. Vote online till December 31st.

Dec 12th: live on harmonium + laptop at the 2-13 Festival (Small music Theatre 33Veikou str., Athens ).

Nov 15th: nominee for best theatre music at the Athinorama Theatre Awards for the play 'Life is a dream'.

Sept to Nov: busy working on the music for greek feature film ‘To Oneiro tou skylou’  due to release in January.

July 24th:ilios + Coti live at , Bera, Basque Country, Spain

July23rd:Coti live at Arteleku, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

July 22nd:ilios live at Arteleku, San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

July 5th:official release date of 'Uneasy Listening' a collaboration CD with Blaine Reininger has been finally released on Neo Acustica records.

June 4th: Live @ Synch Festival, Lavrio.

May 24th:International release of new double CD 'Lido/Lato' out on Poeta Negra records.

April 5th:Greek release of new double CD 'Lido/Lato' out on Poeta Negra records. new streamlined uncluttered redisigned site!!!